From the research conducted, we have created some worksheets in the teachers pack below.

Activities in the teachers pack:

  • Photograph Activity to help student ask questions about World War One
  • Match the Quotes to the correct motive. This exercise looks at the common mindset of many colonisers during the British Empire.
  • Cotton Colonialsm Cartoons is an exercise about India's Cotton Revolution
  • Letters from Blighty and the Western Front exercise is about the life of soliders
  • Women at War, an exercise in understanding women's roles in WW1
  • A Knowledge Grid to ensure that students have an understanding about WW1 and the many different people involved.
  • Mind The Map activity starts a discussion around the British Empire
  • Empire Maps is an activity to show how the Empire changed geography
  • War Poetry is a creative exercise introducing students to the creative outputs of the war and what we can learn from them
  • A review of learning for the students to self-reflect on the learning they have done.