World War One is usually seen as a European war.   A war initiated and fought between European powers who brought their colonies into the war, took resources from these countries (people, materials and finance) and took the war to ‘fronts’ outside Europe – this fact is more or less ignored.

The project aims to correct this perception and to examine the impact of 1914-18 on certain colonised countries and their peoples from the viewpoint of the colonised peoples themselves.

We focus on India, West Indies, German and British East Africa, and Nigeria, their situation as colonies, the impact of the war on them and on anti-colonial struggles.

Southern Voices is working in partnership with the People’s History Museum, Mbari Group and Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust and will be producing an exhibition and educational resources through a dedicated programme of activities including school and community workshops and talks.

Out of the Shadows project team is a group of researchers, volunteers and designers.


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